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Dissect-A-Word Volume 3 offers hours of word trivia fun! A new twist to the Word Trivia World. Whether you are an English teacher, a student, or just someone who loves testing your mind against words for hours on end, this book is PERFECT for you. Great if your kids want to join in too! Brain food should be easy eating—and this book guarantees that much-needed brain exercising relief. Have any clues? No worries! Dissect-A-Word provides an answer key at the back of each book.

The 50 Topics you'll find in Volume 3 are ...

  • Items Found In A Medicine Cabinet
  • What You Take To The Beach
  • Items You Find In A Purse
  • Things That Are Black
  • Television Networks
  • Card Games
  • Fishing Tackle Box Items
  • Mcdonald's Menu
  • Common Crimes
  • Relatives
  • Things You Do With Your Mouth
  • Things You Put On Your Head
  • Two-Syllable Words Ending In “TION”
  • Summer Olympic Sports
  • Words That Begin With “Z”
  • Words That Begin With “Q”
  • Carnival Rides
  • Famous Rivers
  • Things That Are Brown
  • Oscar-Winning Actors’ Last Names
  • Oscar-Winning Actresses’ Last Names
  • Oscar-Winning Movie Titles
  • Rectangular Objects
  • Famous Inventors’ Last Names
  • Men Of The Bible
  • Cereal Names
  • Looney Tunes Characters
  • Small Metal Objects
  • New York Yankees Legends’ Last Names
  • Other Words For Beautiful
  • Other Words For Big
  • What You Find On A Christmas Tree
  • Famous Dogs/Cats (Real/Animated)
  • Types Of Paper
  • Other Words For Smart
  • Types Of Salad Dressing
  • Words That End In “Z”
  • Types Of Jewelry
  • Types Of Oils
  • Other Words For Ugly
  • Baby Animal Names
  • Department Stores
  • Vampire Movies
  • Comic Book Superheroes
  • U.S. TV Game Shows (Past And Present)
  • U.S. Soap Operas (Past And Present)
  • Reptiles And Amphibians
  • Famous Musicals
  • Words That End In “X”
  • Television Sitcoms (Past And Present)

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